The Measures of Progress help PSESD and its partners set the right priorities to advance strategically and help us gauge whether, and how, we are working toward outcomes and our End — success for each child and eliminate the opportunity gap by leading with racial equity.

The stories below address our agency’s efforts to work with each other and our partners to support racially just and equitable school systems, and thereby, impact student outcomes.  We also include links to two data dashboards that document our progress on two groups of measures.  The first dashboard includes dynamic data about our region’s Students and Systems.  The second dashboard shares dynamic pilot data about the PSESD’s work to address Systems and Agency Impact.


PSESD offers a diverse array of programs and professional development to support our region’s children, families, educators, and community partners. The programs featured in this report offer clear examples of how the work of PSESD is contributing toward our Measures of Progress, which in turn, advance us toward becoming an Antiracist Multicultural Organization and eliminating opportunity gaps.

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Measures of Progress Dashboards